Music Schools in Guwahati

Music is almost synonymous with the lives of the Assamese. It is an integral part of the lives of the Assamese people which forms a beautiful mode of expression and culture. The people of Guwahati similarly are deeply involved in their music and they are highly fond of the traditional songs and music of the land.

Bihu GeetWhile on one hand the people of Guwahati find solace in the Bihu geet or Bihu folk songs they are also attached to western songs and music. The streets, markets, shops and households in Guwahati could be heard echoing with the tune of Bihu songs the whole year round be it the time of Bihu festivities or otherwise. Bihu songs are so charming to listen to that one gets transported to a different world while listening to them. The instruments used in Bihu geet are Dhol (Drum),  Pepa (instrument made of buffalo horn), Baanhi (Flute) Taal, Toka, Gogona and Xutuli. Songs and music also encompass Rabha Sangeet, Jyoti Sangeet and Bhupendra Sangeet, all being composed by great Assamese stalwarts. People of Guwahati are also very fond of “Borgeet”, “Lokageet”, “Jhumur” and so on. Modern Assamese songs include Assamese film soundtracks, Assamese Country music, Assamese Pop music, Assamese Folk Fusion music, Assamese Soft Rock music and so on. There is again a mass which is attached to Western songs and music.

Bihu songs and music are a basic part of the lives of people which any Assamese person knows people need not make any extra effort to learn them. People in Guwahati basically learn classical and modern songs. People of Guwahati are also interested in learning music of any form. People are interested in learning musical instruments like guitar, tabla, harmonium, keyboard, violin, etc. There are many music schools in Guwahati which teach different forms of music to the people. From classical to modern and Rabha Sangeet to Bhupendra Sangeet everything is taught in these music classes spread across the city.

Here is a list of the music schools located in Guwahati with detailed information regarding their address and contact numbers:

Gandharba Kala Kendra
Location: Hengerabari, Dispur, Guwahati
Phone: 0361- 2267428

Satria Kala Kendra
Location: Hengerabari, Ganeshguri, Guwahati
Phone: 0361- 2330661

Sursangam Maharishi Vidya Mandir
Location: Rajgargh Road, Guwahati-781003
Phone: 0361- 2455859

Sangeet Sattra
Location: Chandmari, Guwahati-781003
Phone: +91 3612265259

Sangeet Mahavidyalaya
Location: Hangrabari, Dispur, Guwahati- 781006
Phone: +91 361-2201038

Pushpanjali Cultural Academy
Location: TC School, Guwahati Club
Phone: 0361- 2660285

Rajdhani Cultural Academy
Location: RGB Road, Guwahati
Phone: 0361- 2667042

Surasree Sangit Mahavidyalaya
Location: G S Rd, Ulubari, Guwahati-781005
Phone: +91 361-2586398

Kaveri Sangitalaya Guwahati
Location:  Rp Rd,Ganeshguri, Dispur, Guwahati - 781006
Phone:  0361 - 2593919

Horizon Coaching and Music Class

Location: Basistha Charilai, Guwahati-781029
Phone: 9864076602

Mandakranta Sangit Kanan
Location: Hatigaon Lalmati Road, Dispur, Guwahati - 781006
Phone:  9864012591

Institute Of Musical Keyboard Guwahati
Location:  Bylane 4, Pub Sarania, Assam Tribune, Guwahati - 781003
Phone:  0361- 2456827

Shruti Music & Dance Academy
Location: U N Bezbaruah Road, Silphukhri, Guwahati - 781003
Phone:  9864303628

Institute of Creativity
Location: Sundarpur, Zoo Road, Guwahati
Phone: 9707298717

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