Gauhati High Court

The Assam Legislative Assembly adopted a resolution, on 9th September, 1947, that a High Court be established for the Assam Province

The Governor General of India was pleased to disseminate on 1st March, 1948 the Assam High Court Order, 1948, in exercise of power conferred by sub-section (1) of section 229 of the Government of India Act, 1935, as adopted by the Indian Provincial Constitution (Amendment) Order, 1948 and establishing the High Court of Assam with effect from 5th April, 1948, for the then Assam Province.

Qualification of High Court Judges

  • The High court judges should fulfill the following qualification: 
  • He or she must have worked in the office of Justice for not less than ten years.
  • He or she must have served for ten years as lawyer in any High Court or High Courts continuously.
  •  He or she must be a Citizen of India.

Tenure of High court Judges

High court in GuwahatiTill the completion of 62 years of age, the Judges of High Court can continue in office. The President of India appoints the judges of the High Court including the Chief Justice.  The Additional Judges of the high court are appointed for a period of two years. The high court judges can be relieved from the office on following grounds:

  • If he / she is promoted and transferred to Supreme Court.
  • On the ground of misconduct or ineligibility
  • If he / she resigns from the office.

Composition of Gauhati High Court

The Gauhati High Court presently consists of s24 judges including the Hon'ble Chief Justice and 5 Additional Judges. The Hon'ble Mr Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre is the Chief Justice of the Guwahati High court at present.

Power and Functions of High Court

The High Courts have the power of appellate, original and administrative jurisdiction, that have been discussed as below.

Appellate Jurisdiction

  • In appellate jurisdiction the High Court has the power to hear appeals about civil and criminal cases against the lower Courts decisions.
  • The High Court also hears the cases related to house tax, sales tax, income tax,etc

Original Jurisdiction

  • In original jurisdiction the authority to issue direction or orders including writs to any person, authority and any government within its authority against the violation of the Fundamental Rights of the citizens is given to the High Court.
  • In cases relating to company laws, marriage case, divorce, will, admiralty and contempt of Court, it has partial original jurisdiction.

Administrative Jurisdiction

  • High Court has the authority to manage the workings of all subordinate Courts.  In order to regulate their proceedings it can issue common rules.
  • In discussion with the High Court of the state, the judges of the subordinate Courts are promoted, selected and transferred

Power of Judicial Review

If the high court violates any provision of the constitution or takes any of the Fundamental Rights of the people it has the supremacy to strike down any law of the State or any order of the administrative.
The High court also provides daily orders and these orders are available as soon as the orders are signed by the court.

Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court

Hon'ble Mr.Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre
Phone: 2735866, 2735877

Address of Gauhati High Court

The Gauhati High Court
Mahatma Gandhi Road
Guwahati - 781001
Assam, India
EPABX: 2637179, 2735868/69, 2600008, 2734441, 2734439 (STD Code 0361)
FAX: (0361) 2735867, 2735863, 2734346, 2732541, 2733439
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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