Bangali Khawa Dawa in Guwahati

Who says you cannot savour Bengali food outside Kolkata? Guwahati is a place that will amaze you with authentic and scrumptious Bengali food. This north-east city will give you the experiences of being in Kolkata and relishing Bengali food to the fullest. 

Now you will ask me as to how can I assure you that! Well thisis coming from a Bengali staying in Guwahati who never miss Kolkata for the taste of Bengali food. Come on, when you get a platter full of Bengali dishes here why will you go somewhere else?

I was born and brought up in Guwahati. I so know the streets, markets and food joints in Guwahati where I get authentic Bengali food. Bhat, dal, bhaja, macher jhol, kosha mangsho and a desert at the end is what a Bengali desires the most. Though I have the luxury of being treated to Bengali food at home (nothing in the world can match up to my mother's culinary skills), I still look out for opportunities to treat myself with Bengali food!

Bengali food

So when my friend  from Delhi (who is a Punjabi) came over to Guwahati, I did not lose the chance to have Bengali food at one of my Bengali restaurant in Guwahati. So on a fine Sunday I took him to Shollo Ana Bangali restaurant in Lachit Nagar. The ambiance, the food and the hospitality of the staff were amazing. I ordered a Bengali platter full of bhat, aloo bhaja, dal, shukto, bhetki fry, ilish mach and chingri malai curry. And in no time the plate was finished. And if you were wondering what the bill came the bill to - Rs 400 for the two of us.Her jaws dropped at the price and the quality of the food!

Shollo Ana Bangali
16 Anna Bengali, Rangmahal Building,
1st Floor, Lachit Nagar, Ulubari (Phone: 0361 2460123).

Bengali restaurants in Guwahati

Another place you can have authentic Bengali food is Crackling Mustard at Zoo Narengi Road. The Kosha mangsho, bhapa ilish, pabda jhol, stuffed bhetki, mutton kosha, pur bhara Ilish and mishit doi (needless to say bhat, dal and bhaja are complimentary) are not to be missed! The taste and ambiance and pocket friendly bill of the restaurant will tell you that this one is one among the best Bengali restaurants in Guwahati.

Crackling Mustard
Zoo Narengi Road
Opposite Geetanagar Police Station
Mother Teresa Road
Contact number: 9854080801

You can also you can try in Crackling Mustard Beltola, Near Bhabendra Alay. They serve typical Bengali food and the cost is Rs 350 for two people.

Bengali food

The next restaurant on the line is O Ma Go! This restaurant serves ethnic Bengali food. Satiate your taste bud by ordering a platter full of authentic Bengali food. Well, If you ask me as to what I had there then my answer would be what did I not have? Right from begun bhaja to ahcar to moog dal to aloo fulkopi torkari to macher jhol to kosha mansho to mishit doi I savoured all. And yes, the rates are also in your wallet as Rs 500 will serve two.

O Ma Go
Ulubari, Beside KFC
Fort Borthakur mill and Solapara Road Guwahati
Phone: 98 64 135968.

Bengali Food in Guwahati

A not to miss place for Bengali food is Ma Kali hotel at Paltan Bazar. Fish variety even in this relatively small restaurant is mind boggling! Rohu Kalia, Chorchori and Bhapa Ilish - you will get it all!  Just try once and you will never regret.

There are a lot many Bengali restaurants in Guwahati that I continue visiting, but we will discuss them in our next meeting. So for now, enjoy visiting these restaurants to taste ethnic Bengali food!!

Rinku Sharma, a Bengali, born and brought up in Guwahati reviews some of the finest Bengali restaurants in Guwahatifor you

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