Accoland GuwahatiPlanning for a crazy, fulfilled and a beautiful day with your loved ones and friends? 

Accoland. The park is situated at the outskirts of Guwahati at a place called Rani, Patgaon at Kamrup District. Accoland has been named after ‘Acco’, the king of fun and entertainment.  The amazing rides like The My Fair Lady, Roller Coaster, Pirate ships, Rocking Rola, Sky Train, Water Shoot, Swing Chairs, etc. offers a wonderful thrilling experience to the fun lovers.

Attractions of Accoland

Aqua Thrill: There are three exciting slides and mushroom umbrellas at the Aqua Thrill Polls, where one slides through the curved slide into the pool. The second water slide in the aqua thrill is called the Typhoon Tunnel which is a covered turning slide through which one slides down the pool. The third is the river raid slide which is wider and open.

Baby train:
The baby train is an all time favorite for children who can experience taking ride at various animals like ducks, roosters, etc. that bumps up and down.

Mery Go Round: This is another ride that is also designed particularly for kids.

Caterpillar Ride: The caterpillar bumps up and down while moving in a circular direction.

Queen’s Bay: Queen’s Bay is a wave pool that creates artificial waves at the pool.

Bumper cars: The bumping cars are another fun filled ride that collides with each other, which add a thrilling experience of the fun lovers.

Columbia ride: The Columbia ride is a 40 feet high pendulum ride that swings to and fro.
Long Flume: Long Flume is a roller coaster ride where one rides to a height and then plummets down with a force splashing through a pool of water. The splashing of water adds to the thrill of the fun lovers.

The Vortex Maze: This Mirror maze is the first if its type. One enters through the mouth of the beast and then has to master the revolving bridge before one reaches the maze of mirrors.

Disco Deewana: The Disco Deewana is the rain dance floor with water sprayed from all over as the fast music rocks you.

The Pirate ship: The Pirate ship is the first of its kind and has been popular among adults and kids. It has multiple slides from different heights which is also featured with tilting water bucket.

Cine Magix: The Cine Magix is the only 5D Motion Simulation Theatre which offers the best experience and this is a never to be missed thing when you are at Accoland.

African Pythons: The African Pythons is a raft and also a body slide that is launched from the 35 Feet High tower. One plummets down the meanders for a truly thrilling experience.

Tornado: The Tornado is the largest water coasters in India.

Multi Lane Racers: The Multi Lane Racer Slides from a height of 35 Feet giving a chance of racing to its riders.

Boomerang: The Boomerang is the most thrilling ride at Accoland that will twist you, drop you and lift you up to a 40 foot ramp before sliding you down to the pool.

Other than the mentioned rides the other ones at Accoland include The Dancing Fairy, The Giant Wheel, Music Bob, Water Chute, Dragon Coaster, Sky Train and Rockin Rola.

Ticket Rates at Accoland:


Adult- Rs. 680/-

Children below 4 feet 4 inches- Rs. 580/-

Saturdays & Holidays

Adult- Rs. 710/-

Children bellow 4 feet 4 inches- Rs. 610/-


Adult- Rs. 740/-

Children bellow 4 feet 4 inches- Rs. 650/-

Address of Accoland:

Rani Road, Near BSF Headquarters,
Patgaon, Kamrup, Assam
E-mail : [email protected]
Help line : 99541 71224

How to reach Accoland:

The Accoland Amusement Park is well connected by road and hence one can get trekkers, autos, buses, radio taxis and other private vehicles transporting people to and from the park. The nearest airport is the Gopinath Bordoloi Airport located in Guwahati which is 5.1 km away from Accoland.

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