Voter ID Card in Guwahati

How to get a voter card in Guwahati
India is a democratic country where all the citizens have the right to vote. In order to vote for the representatives who we want to govern the state we need certain criteria i.e we must be above 18 years and our names should be enlisted in the voter’s list. A valid voter's list and a voter ID Card are a must to ensure that elections are free and fair and legally viable. A voter ID card is a unique identity card which has the individual’s name and personal data, including a photograph on it. A voter ID Card is given to a voter whose name is listed in the electoral roll. Voter ID card is a must to cast one's vote. One is eligible to vote in any election when he has the electoral card and his name is enlisted in the voters list.

In Assam the Voter ID Card is still not given to the voters. Voters who are eligible to vote cast their vote as per their names enlisted in the voter’s list. The Government of Assam is planning to provide the Voter’s ID Card soon. In the meanwhile voters seeking the Voter ID Card have to apply for it. Voter ID is given to voters whose application reaches the office of the Chief Electoral Officer. In Assam the work of providing the Voter ID Card rests with the Chief Electoral Officer. Applying for Voter ID Card is an easy process with just the click of buttons.
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